Last one standing

Unit Size 33ft by 33ft

Required space 45ft by 40 ft height 10ft


Recommended Age Group This popular game is recommended for all ages but we highly recommend a minimum height of 1.2m. (Shorter or younger players may struggle to jump over the sweeper arm)

Capacity Last One Standing Sweeper is suitable for up to 8 players at one time.

Space Required This a large inflatable game requiring a working operational area of 10x10m appx 30x30ft. Please note this game will also step free access with double doors or drive up access. If you are unsure please contact us for further advice before booking.

Surface as with all our inflatable games a grass surface is preferred however we may be able to set up indoors or on a hard surface with sandbags as always best to check with our team before booking.



One of our most popular and most competitive inflatable games, last one standing, also known as wipeout, or simply sweeper, is a hit with all ages – and we mean a hit! Because if you don’t time your jump just right as the swinging arm comes round, then you’ll be hit, knocking you off your feet and out of the game.

Like all great games, it sounds so simple, yet is so much harder to do, especially as the arm gets faster and the tension builds. It starts with eight players, but as the numbers drop and the tension rises, you’ll find that simple jump seems so much harder, as you try to hold out to be the last one standing.

This hugely popular game is a sure fire money maker for any