Rodeo Bull

Get your boots on and jump on one of our rodeo rides!

Ride ‘em cowboy! Everyone loves the rodeo bull ride, whether they’re trying to prove their prowess by hanging on and staying in the saddle, or just watching from the sidelines as their friends and colleagues fall off in an epic fail!


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Rodeo bull, also known as the bucking bronco or the mechanical bull, is one of the most popular rides in the world, from the beaches of Ibiza to the parties of Islington, and with Safowa Events, you can bring it to your event as the star attraction.

Our rodeo bull ride comes with a fully trained operator, and can be set to a range of speeds and difficulty, from a gentle horse ride for little ones, to a crazy challenge for the grown ups, as they cling on for all they are worth.

Rodeo rides are great fun at parties, especially as the evening wears on and everyone relaxes into the spirit of things. It’s a brilliant way to break the ice and lower everyone’s inhibitions for a great night ahead.

The rodeo challenge is great for drawing crowds too, attracting visitors to your product launch, or company open day, as everyone comes over to see what all the screams and laughter are about. You can even set it up as a pay to play attraction at your fundraiser, with riders either playing for pride or competing for a prize for the day’s longest ride.